Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Niu & Don Up on Blog...

This is 2 years old Niu Niu, whom i talk about everytime. Quite easy to capture pretty princess smilling.  Pics taken at Bark's Cafe while waiting for Donovan's arrival. Eleen wanted to come out for supper... :)   
Niu @_@: "Woof Woof ....."
Ok.. This is Donovan, 6mths old (if i remember correctly) - red poodle. Eleen's baby prince and he is huge and very cute...hyper active as well!!! Initially Niu and Don doesn't hits quite well, after that they are ok...
Sammi @_@:"Eleen, Don Don needs a haircut ok..i cant see his eyes anymore does Don Don, btw this pic is for you :)"


  1. Ya will bring him for a haircut next week. Gona shave him "botak". Keke =D

  2. where's the new haircut? i want the pic!!

  3. Yeah, u can view his new look in my facebook! ;)