Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Steady Oct Issue

Manage to grab to re-shipment copy of Steady Oct Issue last weekend which was sold out in half an hrs time.This little comes with an Agnes B tote bag.
 Kino Orchard - Main Store requested me to called back the next day on 15 Oct 2pm to do reservation. i called according to my time at 2pm sharp. The service lady on the line was from the Jap Mag counter, told me to called back again at 2pm where according to her timing was 1.58pm. She even requested me to called other outlets as they will have reshippment as well. I was kind of sick of her "attitude tone" and don't wish to her to service me further. I called the Liang Court outlet, where a nice Japanese customer service gentleman was kind enough to sort out my reservation list. It was totally hilarious to find two extreme service from the same company just by the nationality difference. Again, Singaporean "good" services has disgrace our own people. 


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