Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Benefit Comestics has arrived....

Mmm....that my ordering from benefit online shopping...mum has already start asking..
"how come you got so many parcel coming in recently?"
" -_-'" "no lah...i bought some stuff online, cheaper than buying in SG" *glurp*
Anyway one of the item is meant for her !!! haha...
The shipping was speedy...waited for two weeks only where beforehand 
i was informed e estimated date is about 3-4!
Finally get my hands on "just in case" which was my intial must the add ons later...on comes with 2 free sampling (mini pack that gal and mini pack eye con) and the best free gift is " miss popularity" in the actual size where SG is selling around 30 plus to 40...
* thats the magic of intenet shopping!*


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